Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow is a discipline of yoga that focuses on strong, dynamic poses. We call it “flow” due to the fluidity of how the movements are connected to one another, with the breath being the anchor as we move from one pose to the next.

My classes are always creatively sequenced and provide an energising yet fun challenge, both mentally and physically.

All levels are welcome and we practice under a pleasant, safe, and non-judgmental environment - don't sweat the good stuff, don't sweat the bad stuff, leave the sweat for your mat!


Yin Yoga

Most of us lead a life and/or have a yoga practice that is very yang dominant (i.e. active, dynamic, energetic…) - which is great - but we must remember that yang cannot exist without the yin. 

Yin is an integral component to complete our yoga practice. Static poses targeting the legs, hips and spine are held from two to ten minutes.

A yin practice comes with deep sensations that offers students the chance to deepen the connection with themselves physically, mentally and emotionally. Expect an equally soothing playlist in my classes that will take you deep yin-side!